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NRoSO CPD points – what online courses are there?

With the launch of Ei Operator comes a new choice of on-line CPD training, which City and Guilds have accredited with our very own category of  8 CPD points. This means that sprayer operators can now earn points for on-line training that they couldn’t do before. You’ll find the new CPD points under category K on the NRoSO website.

If you are a member of the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) in the UK, then you can access a free training course as part of your membership. It comes with accredited CPD points and all you have to do is sign in with your NRoSO membership number, read the course material, take the test and then we will send your information across to NRoSO, who will update your membership. Head to the NRoSO Members pages to find out more.

The course for NRoSO members is:

Mixing and filling – 2 CPD points

This course explains best practice when mixing and filling. You will learn about safe storage and handling of pesticides, ways to make mixing and filling easier and faster as well as how to correctly rinse and dispose of containers. With tips and tricks and practical advice from other operators, this informative course will help you to reduce the risk of contamination to yourself and the environment.

Pouring chemicals into a sprayer hopper

All other courses can only be found on the subscription part of the website. At a cost of only £30 a year (UK subscribers), we think that this gives great value for money. To sign up, head to the Ei Operator Pages where you will find further courses on the following subjects:

LERAP – 2 CPD points

We have every sympathy with you, having to know this complicated set of rules! This course really helps to untangle the key deciding factors when creating your Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides. This course explains what you need to do to comply with label instructions to protect water, using one of four different buffer zone schemes. You will learn how to identify what scheme is required and how to complete your LERAP accordingly.

Field margin with buffer zone to protect wildlife

How to keep pre-ems on target – 2 CPD points

This course, based on information from the latest field research from Syngenta, explains the best combination of forward speed, nozzle type and water volume to apply pre-emergence products most effectively, while reducing drift. You will learn about the effect of forward speed on drift and application, the importance of setting the correct boom height and how selecting the right nozzle will cut drift and improve coverage for best product efficacy. This informative course will help you to improve blackgrass control and protect the environment.

Spraying against blackgrass

Biobeds – 2 CPD points

This course explains how a biobed or biofilter, is a safe, cost-effective and efficient way to handle contaminated water to prevent pollution. There are two instructional videos on building biobeds and why to have one in the first place! You will learn how they work, how they can be constructed and what exemptions you require.

biobed under construction

Coming soon………

The team at EiO are working hard to create new courses which will be added later in the year, so you will have even more opportunities to earn CPD points and develop your professional expertise. Make sure you are signed up to our emails to enable us to contact you when new courses are added – click on the sign up button near the top of the page. All training is accredited by NRoSO and is bought to you by Mick Roberts and his team. If you have any suggestions about topics to cover, we would love to hear from you – we really value your feedback.

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