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2 NRoSO and 2 BASIS points for completing the free online training module (you must be a NRoSO members to access this)

Plus information and content exclusively for members of the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO)

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What’s included:

NRoSO Points:

NRoSO have created a new points category exclusively for Ei Operator. NRoSO members can access one of our online courses free (worth 2 points) by registering with us today. Once completed, we will send your points to NRoSO automatically, within 30 days.


Exclusively supplied to NRoSO members by Ei OPERATOR, we make sure you are kept up to date with the latest NRoSO Know-How, featuring advice and information to support best practice.

To access FREE NRoSO content you must be a registered member of the scheme.


BASIS points:

For users on the BASIS Professional Register who are also NRoSO members, we offer the same points for both schemes. Completing the free online training adds 2 points which we send automatically over to BASIS.


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If you need more NRoSO or BASIS points, subscribe to EiO for just £30 a year to access 6 more NRoSO points and 8 more BASIS points. Find out more HERE.

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