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Field specific stewardship advice – Autumn ’20 edition

Amazone sprayer

An updated online service delivers detailed, field specific stewardship advice on when it’s safe to apply quinmerac and metazachlor.

Developed for BASF by Agrimetrics, recently updated software on the wHen2gO tool combines data from, Defra, the Met Office and the Environment Agency to calculate the risk of leaching when applying products containing metazachlor and quinmerac.

“Current guidelines from the voluntary initiative, OSR Herbicides, are reliant on dates,” explains BASF Stewardship and Value Chain Manager, Paul Goddard. “While these are really useful, they are based on averages and in some years, this has the potential to push growers into a tight window for applications, when other variables – such as wind – may make applications inadvisable. We wanted to improve on the foundations of the initiative and give growers something smarter. The wHen2g0 tool is the result of that work.”

With most data-fields pre-populated, growers can get field-specific forecasts quickly from

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