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Autumn Avadex application advice – Autumn ’20 edition

Avadex application

In the battle against blackgrass Avadex is playing an increasingly important role, with analysis of trials showing its inclusion increases the percentage control by 16.8% across a wide range of programmes.

“For optimum results, however, Avadex 15G granules must be are applied evenly and accurately,” stresses Kuldip Mudhar, from Gowan Crop Protection. It’s also important remember all operators applying the granular pesticide hold a PA1 as well as the relevant PA4 G (safe use of granules) modules.


  • Wear appropriate PPE
  • Consider a patternation test when carrying out the pre-season calibration process
  • Regularly check applicators’ pipework and deflector plates and keep deflector plates clean and at the correct angle
  • Apply pre-emergence to well-prepared moist seedbeds
  • Observe an aquatic 10m buffer zone if applicable
  • In very dry conditions delay application until there is more moisture in the soil
  • Make sure drilling depth is correct (4cm for wheat)
  • Consolidate loose fluffy seedbeds before drilling
  • Travel at appropriate speeds as defined by individual machinery manufacturers – high speeds will disrupt the spread pattern.

Do not…

  • Apply to very cloddy seedbeds or shallow drilled crops
  • Apply when top of soil is bone dry in the top 5-8cm depth
  • Apply to soils with more than 10% organic matter
  • Allow granules from application equipment to fall within in a distance of 10m of the top of a bank of a static or flowing water body or within 1m of the top of a ditch which is dry at the time of application
  • Apply in strong winds as this will disrupt the spread pattern – if it’s too windy to spray then it’s too windy to apply Avadex
  • Use spinning disc applicator
  • Undersow grass species in crops to be treated with Avadex. It is safe to undersow clover and legumes.
  • Sow oats or grass crops within one year of applying Avadex

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