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App gives advice on applications – Autumn ’20 edition

Spray assist

A new App is designed to help operators to select the most appropriate techniques for crops, conditions and situations on the go.

Developed by Syngenta, Spray Assist links to live local weather data to analyse the factors including wind, rain or frost, which influence accurate application and potential risk of spray drift. The App is free to download from App Store or Google Play.

Spray Assist utilises data and provides guidance for:

  • 16 different crop types
  • More than 45 application timings and targets
  • More than 10 leading nozzle manufacturers
  • 600 different nozzle types.
spray nozzles

Syngenta application specialist, Harry Fordham, says its trials research shows even small tweaks in sprayer set-up and operation have potential to make significant differences in results achieved, including grass weed control and fungicide treatments.

Users can enter plans for cropping, locations as well as product use and application timings. Further personalising the data with the farm’s application equipment will provide guidance on the most appropriate available sprayer set-up in any selected situation and weather conditions.

spray assist

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