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App extends operations – Spring ’19 edition

Xtend app
JCB 4220 Fastrac cab


Checking for a blockage in one of 144 nozzles on a Horsch Leeb LT 5000, equipped with a 36m boom and 25cm nozzle spacings isn’t much fun. But for one Herefordshire-based operator, it’s a job made considerably easier thanks to wireless technology.

Tim Roberts uses the sprayer, which is hitched up to a JCB 4220 Fastrac, for a wide range of applications at Flanesford Priory, Goodrich, Herefordshire.

Up in the cab, the sprayer is controlled by a Topcon X35 with RTK GPS, supplied and installed by LH Agro, which came with the practical addition of the Xtend option. This App enables anything shown on the terminal to be transferred and operated wirelessly on a mobile device.

XTend screen


The first advantage, says Tim, is it allows him to show operating information on two screens in the cab. “The X35 controls so much it’s not easy to see what I need all the time, even with the 12in screen. Xtend is simply an App that allows me to transfer and display anything on the terminal to my iPad screen. I normally display sprayer control on the iPad and leave the guidance and mapping on the Topcon screen. It’s brilliant,” he says.

ipad linked via Xtend app


Another big benefit, he adds, is he can take the iPad out of the cab and control everything from outside. “I can turn the sections on/off and that really helps when looking for which one out of the 144 is blocked,” he says.

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