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Altek offers an alternative turn – Spring 2020 edition


A new control system makes it possible for Altek quad nozzles to now provide turn compensation. It works by simply increasing the flowrate on outer sections, while reducing it across the boom to match speeds in the relative positions.

ISObus connectivity says Danish developer, Lykketronic, means the system will operate with any compatible terminal. It works by simply using an algorithm and GPS to calculate the different speeds at each part of the boom during turns, operating the nozzle combination to match the required flow at each position.

Quad bodies offer up to 16 different flow rates in each position and while flow is not steplessly adjusted, unlike Pulse Width Modulation, they do offer the distinct advantage of working with all popular air induction (AI) nozzles.

In the future it will be possible to further improve control and accuracy by installing a series of small GPS receivers along the boom, adds Lykketronic.

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