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With NRoSO and BASIS points

NRoSO members can access a FREE training module worth 2 NRoSO and/or 2 BASIS points by registering here.
Brought to you by Ei OPERATOR, this module is accredited by the NRoSO and BASIS Professional Register schemes.
Once completed, we'll send NRoSO/BASIS a report within 30 days to up date your points, so you don't have to!

To ensure your professional accreditation, what could be simpler than registering with us and completing a training course online.

Additional content includes the NRoSO Know-How section which includes further application advice and information, all supplied as part of your NRoSO membership and supported by City & Guilds.

Need more points?
To access additional training with a further 6 NRoSO and 8 BASIS points you can become an EiO subscriber for just £30 a year (UK). Follow the EiO subscription link at the bottom of this page, to find out more information.

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How many NRoSO points are available?

If you are both a NRoSO member and subscribe to Ei Operator, you can access the following points across the website:

  • 2 points for completing the FREE course when you register as a NRoSO member on this page
  • 6 additional points for completing three online courses when you subscribe to EiO for £30/year


How many BASIS points are available?

If you are a member of the BASIS Professional Register and you subscribe to Ei Operator, you can access the following points across the website:

  • 2 points for completing the FREE course if you are also a NRoSO member and register on this page
  • 2 points each year for subscribing to EiO at a cost of £30/year
  • 6 points for completing three online courses having subscribed to EiO
  • 2 points for subscribing to Pro Operator magazine via the website (not available to NRoSO members who receive the magazine free, courtesy of NRoSO)


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Earn extra points

Subscribing to EiO for just £30 a year (UK) gives you access to a variety of on-line training with up to 6 NRoSO and 8 BASIS points, so keeping up to date and compliant couldn't be easier.

As a UK sprayer operator, it's essential that you know exactly where to find the latest information about the issues that affect your job.
Here, you will find the only dedicated, comprehensive, online resource, delivering essential information and training from our highly experienced team.

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Best practice in the field

Many sprayer operators in the UK already receive our magazine, Pro Operator, which supplies up-to-date industry news and includes features offering practical advice, new product information, reader profiles and much more.
Here you will find examples of material already published, new information linked to recently published articles and information on how to sign up should you wish to subscribe to the magazine.

Pro Operator is currently published three times a year and is also eligible for 2 BASIS points.

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