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What’s in Your Back Yard is back

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Application advice:

A new version of the popular ‘What’s In Your Backyard’ (WIYBY) on-line tool has been updated and is available online HERE

When considering whether to use a pesticide, sprayer operators, farmers and agronomists need to assess the risk to watercourses. WIYBY provides a straightforward way of checking if fields are in a Drinking Water Safeguard Zone before deciding to spray.

Paul Temple, Chairman of the Voluntary Initiative (VI), says: “I am delighted that the Environment Agency has this new site to replace the existing version of WIYBY. The system is really improved with new, easy-to-use maps.”

It is important that everyone involved in managing a crop knows which fields have a risk of pesticides getting in to groundwater or surface watercourses,” he adds. “With this information, you can make an informed decision about whether an alternative, non-chemical, approach should be used or, if not, how to use good stewardship, to reduce the risk of the pesticide getting into water.

“WIYBY is a great, easy to use tool which can help identify Drinking Water Safeguard Zone and the VI fully recommends its use.”


what's in your back yard
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