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Top Tips win tickets to Cereals Event

Clever hose storage and clips to prevent losing the end caps off suction fill ends on his Agrifac sprayer earns Marcus Jarvis a free ticket to the Cereals Event in Pro Operator’s Top Tips competition.

Marcus, who works for F.W. Rowe and Sons in Staffordshire, operates one of the farm’s two 5,000-litre, 40m Agrifac Condors, contract spraying and applying liquid fertiliser to potatoes, wheat, barley and oilseed rape.

By fixing an 8in flexible pipe to the side of the machine to hold his filling hose, Marcus not only keeps it safe and tidy, it also makes it much easier to use than dragging it up the steps. With the suction connectors at the rear of the machine, it’s now simply a matter of pulling out the hose and coupling it up.

Here we also find another top tip from Marcus, which he has made to prevent the end caps being lost or pulled off by tall crops. He’s attached a light chain to the chassis that connects to the rings on the caps with a climber’s carabiner – which is strong and locks shut.

end caps

Another nice touch is a broom head on the bottom step to clean his boots. This helps prevent slips and keeps the cab clean. He’s even found a red one to match the machine!

boom head on bottom step

Unfortunately this competition is now closed.

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