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Stewardship to protect glyphosate

Glyphosate stewardship

The European Commission recently renewed the approval for glyphosate for five years. Now, to help retain the availability and efficacy of glyphosate in the UK, operators are being encouraged to follow best practice to protect this vital weapon in the weed control armoury.

In conjunction with independent bodies and the industry, The Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) has created a comprehensive glyphosate stewardship webpage. Here operators will find advice, which when alongside label recommendations, will help to maintain glyphosate performance, minimise residues and protect water.

Prevent resistance

While resistance has been identified in Europe, as yet there are no confirmed cases in the UK. To minimise the risk of it occurring here and retaining its efficacy users are urged to follow clear guidelines published by AHDB. You can find a pdf of these guidelines HERE.

Minimise residues

When applying pre-harvest glyphosate operators must ensure residues are kept to a minimum. It is important to follow label recommendations, harvest intervals and best practice guidelines

Protect water

Operators can help to protect water by referring to Environmental Information sheets produced by the Voluntary Initiative, which highlight situations where risk management is essential.

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