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Smart systems boost boom control

Amazone UX, eioperator

New boom control technology from Amazone aims to deliver optimum application accuracy by improving stability, maintaining the correct height and eliminating over- and under-lapping with yaw and turn compensation.

At the same time, the 27m to 40m wide Super-L2 boom’s new Flex-fold system enables it to fold out 40% faster. It can also be equipped with 25cm nozzle spacings, which means it can work down at 37cm, using 80° nozzles, which helps to reduce drift.

The AmaSelect individual nozzle control option cuts overlaps, providing an additional 5% saving on products, on top of that from standard auto-section switching. The system can also automatically switch between the four different nozzles held in its quad bodies.

This can be set to switch automatically, in response to changes in forward speed and pressure initiating a change when the nozzle reaches its upper and lower pressure limits, which maintains the correct application rate and droplet size.

On the level

Active boom guidance and ground following is provided by ContourControl, which maintains the set height and levels the booms independently, above and below the horizontal. This employs six ultrasound sensors to monitor the ground position, with a fast-reacting hydraulic system and accumulators providing quick reactions.


Amazone UX, eioperator
Amazone UX, eioperator

Active boom movement control

Accuracy is further improved by SwingStop that provides active boom movement stabilisation. This controls the boom’s horizontal movements forwards and backwards to cut the risk of over- and under-lapping.

Accelerometers monitor the boom tips’ movements and uses this information to control two electro-hydraulic rams, mounted either side of the yaw damper’s centre pivot pin. These control the tip sway by extending or retracting very quickly to compensate for any fore- and back movements.

Amazone UX, eioperator

Complete control

For ultimate control is the ISObus-operated SwingStop Pro option, developed in conjunction with Rometron which adjusts each nozzle’s output according to how fast it is moving. If you are an EiO subscriber you can read more about this in our article in the Knowledge Bank area on Spot Spraying.

This helps maintain the correct application rate when the speed changes relative to the vehicle: for example, when turning or applying around curves. In these circumstances the outer sections will be moving much faster than the inner ones.

This would normally result in uneven applications with under-dosing from the fast-moving nozzles at the boom tips, while over-dosing in the middle, which hardly moves in a sharp turn.

During turns Pulse Width Frequency Modulation (PWFM), provides dynamic rate control by opening and closing solenoid valves on each nozzle – switching up to 50 times/sec. This keeps a consistent application rate across the entire boom width, while still maintaining the correct pressure and droplet size.

Essentially it compares the speed and relative application rate of each nozzle in relation to the sprayer’s forward speed. If the nozzle is moving faster, the system allows it to stay open longer to increase the flow; and if it is moving more slowly it remains closed for longer, to reduce the output – to match the set application rate.

Amazone UX, eioperator



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