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New Sprayers on show – LAMMA 2020

LAMMA 2020

The recent LAMMA show, at the NEC in Birmingham, yielded a large crop of new and interesting sprayers. While the show is still shunned by some of the larger companies, it provides a superb launch pad for UK manufacturers and smaller firms.

LAMMA saw the launch of a large range of new and improved trailed sprayers, offering wider booms and much higher specifications as standard. At the same time the range of options is also increasing with most manufacturers now offering Pulse Width Modulation.

Fully loaded Knight blazes new trail

Knight has introduced new, ‘Pro’ flagship versions of its Trailblazer trailed sprayers. All are fully ISObus compatible and come equipped to a high, fully loaded specification as standard. Available with tank capacities from 3500- to 6000 litres and boom widths from 24m to 40m, it comes with individual nozzle switching, multi-sensor boom height control as well as rear axle suspension and ‘gyro’ steering control.

Operation is via a Müller 1200 touch-screen terminal, which also includes a sophisticated remote terminal at the filling station. This replicates all the main controls providing auto-fill, rinse, agitation operation and programs.

Here operators will also find a new, rotary-moulded induction hopper fitted. This is fitted into a new fold-up bracket, with gas struts and includes new easy-access levers to control liquid flow. A sealed lid opens out to form a can drain rack.

A choice of diaphragm or centrifugal, hydraulically-driven pumps are mounted at the rear.

Knight trailblazer
Knight Sprayer

PWM offers option for higher accuracy

The Raven Hawkeye Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system is now an option from Chafer sprayers. It is available in two versions – standard with up to 16 sections; or the HD, which provides individual nozzle control. It is ISObus compatible and runs through the sprayer’s existing Topcon terminal.

Like all PWM systems it maintains a consistent pressure but compensates for speed differences by turning the nozzles on/off very quickly. This maintains the precise application rate and correct droplet size. It can operate at up to 50Hz (nozzles turning on/off up to 50 x sec) but Chafer says it runs well at 10Hz, which offers a wider range and reduces component wear.

Standard turn compensation maintains the correct application rate by sensing the speed of the boom during turns. Small LEDs on each nozzle change colour to indicate blockages, which are also shown on the display.

Crop Sprayer Options

Chafer PWM

Widest trailed now heads the Team

Equipped with a 36m boom, the widest ever from the firm, the Team Leader 4 Series 36 takes the Suffolk manufacturer into new trailed territory. Built specifically for the new machine, and in response to customer demand, the triple folding boom is a completely new design.

When folded there is no overhang, and it remains within the length of sprayer and folds no higher than the tank. The booms have a new levelling suspension, support and folding system along with positive and negative levelling on each side.

Available with 3000, 4000 or 5000-litre tanks the trailed machine has load-sensing air suspension and hydraulic steering with ‘gyro’ control from the standard Müller terminal.

Team Sprayer

Two tanks ease buffer bugbear

As soon as the show finished the tri-axle DT3500H S5 self-propelled on display was off to its new owner – Warter Priory Estates. Like all of the German maker’s machines, it has been built to order and features an interesting modifications. While it carries 12,000 litres, this capacity is split into two tanks – one 11,000 litres and the other 1,000 litres. This smaller tank feeds two 6m long sections on ends of each boom. This is designed specifically for LERAPS applications – with the smaller tank holding the same mix as the larger one, but without the product that requires the LERAP. The same farm is also taking delivery of a 12,000-litre trailed Dammann, with exactly the same tank and boom section set-up.

Damman sprayer

Higher spec for trailed range

Available with a range of polyethene tank capacities from 3,600- to 6,000 litres, the new GM-R GX-Trail models can be equipped with 24m-36m wide triple-fold booms, which come with 12-section auto control as standard, along with two LED boom lights.

Air suspension is standard on the 40km/hr-rated axle. Along with Müller ‘gyro’ controlled steering, there is a choice of hydraulic, or air/over hydraulic braking.

Control is via a Müller ISObus terminal, with joystick and GPS receiver. The liquid flow is controlled manually via two rotary valves. The 30 litre capacity, stainless steel induction hopper is suitable for handling large, 20-litre cans with a super jet for washing necks and drain rack on the lid, which is sealed when shut for rinsing.

GM-R sprayer

PMW on point for improved accuracy

Bateman brought in Brian Finstrom, an expert from Capstan in the USA, to explain the workings of its Pinpoint II Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system at LAMMA.

It operates through a dedicated CapView II terminal and, on top of maintaining the set application rate without adjusting the pressure, the system provides individual nozzle control as well as turn compensation. ‘Blended’ operation provides even coverage by ensuring that when a nozzle is ‘off’ the adjacent one is ‘on’.

While it can operate at up to 30Hz, Brian suggests 10Hz delivers the broadest ‘turn-down’ ratio, while providing the benefit of reducing component wear.

Bateman has also introduced its new BBL boom levelling system. While still based on the Norac hardware and software, Bateman has ‘customised’ this with an additional control unit to enhance its performance with its boom.

Bateman terminal
Bateman sprayer

Cut spray drift with a wing

A novel Wingsprayer, which cuts drift and improves coverage, is now available from Landquip for retrofitting to sprayer booms. The system meets the strict Dutch rules that stipulate all applications must be carried out with 75% drift reduction. Tests at Wageningen University, in the Netherlands also show it cuts drift by 98% when working on bare soil. It is planned to test its drift reduction ability in the UK to enable the system to gain LERAPs approval.

It works using two aerofoils, which channel air downwards, which captures the droplets from 015 fan nozzles, which create fine droplets. These are spaced 25cm apart and create a 135deg fan maintain the double overlap pattern. In operation the foil just touches the crop, which is said to help penetration, enable product to coat under the leaves as well as reduce drift.

Wingsprayer Landquip

Tall tractor to carry combinations

Landini is expanding its range with the addition of a high clearance version of its latest 5 Series, with three new models offering powers of 90hp, 99hp and 107hp. These long-legged machines offer an interesting option for hosting a front an rear mounted combination for spraying. With an under-axle clearance of 695mm, they provide obvious benefits for working later in the season, in taller crops or for specialist applications.

Landini sprayer
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