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Lemken to stop sprayer production

Lemken is pulling out the sprayer market, with production to stop at the end of this year. At the same time it is strengthening its mechanical weed control and selective crop care business.

Lemken has only recently developed its new Nova self-propelled, which followed a strategic partnership fellow German firm, Bräutigam in 2017. This, along with new Orion trailed machines, made its debut at last November’s Agritechnica Show.

“After over 10 years operating in this segment, we have not reached a market-relevant size,” explains Anthony van der Ley, Lemken’s CEO. “The legal requirements in each of our markets are increasing and becoming more and more disparate. This means there is no single Lemken field spraying standard that can meet our quality standards and the variety of customer preferences, with which we could achieve a satisfactory production run.”

Like others in the industry, it has recently invested in mechanical weed control equipment, acquiring Dutch hoe specialist, Steketee, two years ago. This, it says, creates an opportunity to create a ‘hybrid’ system, combining these hoes with selective band and spot spraying.

The environment is changing quickly, adds Mr van der Ley. “Farmers and contractors are now positioning themselves, whether they farm organically or conventionally, and are choosing the equipment to enable them to farm smartly and sustainably.

“It is a future theme for all of us, to ensure global food security despite environmental restrictions.”

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