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Fendt ups the sprayer technology stakes

Fendt Rogator

Fendt has unveiled a host of new technology for its Rogator sprayers, including automatic quad nozzle control, ISObus application adjustment as well as independent suspension and up to 36m wide booms for its trailed machines.

Maximum power for the top-end Rogator 655 self-propelled is now increased to 307hp and, from 2020, all models will be equipped with new 7.4 litre, six cylinder engines. There are also now two further tyre options.

Automatic boom levelling and height, on all machines, is now controlled by a new system developed in-house by Fendt. Operated through the sprayer terminal it employs new sensors to level each side independently and below the horizontal.

All the new features for both the Rogator 600 self-propelleds and trailed 300 machines will be available from January 2020.

Axle suspension and wider booms for traileds

The introduction of triple-fold booms up to 36m wide and independent, hydro-pneumatic axle suspension on the Rogator 300 models will undoubtedly boost the trailed sprayers’ popularity in the UK.

A hydraulic ram on each side of the axle provides suspension as well as Stability Control, which automatically levels the machine when cornering at high speeds. In the field operators can also level the machine when working across hillsides, to help keep the centre of gravity over the middle of the machine.

The system will compensate for working across 7° slopes or gradients of 12%. Currently this is operated manually, but is likely to be automated in the future.

Fendt Rogator

Quad nozzle control

Automatic or manual switching of four individual nozzles on the new OptiNozzle body enable operators to optimise the spray quality. The system automatically selects the correct nozzle, or combination, to maintain the flow at the correct droplet size. This will compensate for any changes in speed, while keeping within the nozzles’ operating parameters – helping to control drift.

Auto-speed control

Further automation is offered by Tractor Implement Management (TIM) that enables the tractor to communicate with the sprayer for fully automatic control. Depending on the nozzle or combination being employed, this ISObus function uses information from the sprayer to automatically adjust the vehicle speed to maintain the correct application rate and spray quality.

Fendt Rogator
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