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Entry-level trailed Leeb

Horsch Leeb 4AX

Horsch Leeb is expanding its presence in the lower end of the trailed sprayer market with the Leeb 4 AX, which is aimed at those requiring its boom control system, but in a smaller and more basic package.

With a starting price of £43,000, and positioned just under the existing Leeb 4LT model in the German maker’s range, the new sprayer has a 3,800 litre capacity plastic tank. Boom widths go from 18m to 30m, which are offered with five to nine sections and all have 50cm nozzle spacings.

The Leeb 4 AX is fully ISObus compatible and can be used with all the existing Horsch terminals.

Boom control

The Horsch Leeb BoomControl Eco system is standard. This provides automatic boom height and levelling and, says the firm, maintains stability to ensure the nozzles remain at 50cm above the target – at speeds up to 15km/hr.

Horsch Leeb 4AX


Elsewhere the specification includes a choice of 270 litre/min or 400 litre/min PTO-driven piston diaphragm pump, with multi-way valves – one each for the pressure and suction sides. The 35 litre capacity induction hopper is similar to that fitted to the larger trailed machines.

A steering drawbar is an option and track widths can be adjusted from between 1.5m to 2.25m.

Horsch Leeb 4AX
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