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Closed transfer systems are go

Closed transfer system in use

The widespread uptake and use of closed transfer systems has taken a huge leap forward with five leading chemical manufacturers – ADAMA, BASF, Corteva Agriscience, NuFarm and Syngenta – agreeing to pilot the use of a standardised cap.

The easyconnect cap enables containers to be mounted onto special coupling on a closed transfer system, with the operator having to only pull off a protective cover. Importantly, the container remains completely sealed throughout.

Closed transfer system

With this cap and closed transfer system it means the product can be dispensed and the container and coupling rinsed in a totally sealed system. There is no risk of exposure to the operator or the environment. It’s also possible to dispense part cans, using the valve and scale on the side.

“The introduction of a CTS on a broad range of products will have real benefits for the environment by significantly reducing the risk of spills during handling products. Further advantages are seen in the integrated rinsing system, which makes it easier to clean and rinse packaging,” said Xavier Leprince, Head of Business Sustainability EAME at Syngenta.

Developed by BASF in collaboration with third-party equipment manufacturers, easyconnect has been extensively tested on-farm in selected countries since 2015. Based on farmers’ feedback, the system has been steadily improved in terms of handling and speed, making the filling faster than via the commonly used induction hopper.

Easyconnect closed transfer technology comprises two unique elements: the screw cap and the coupler, says Pentair Hypro, which has been developing a coupler and transfer system.

The company says it will now offer its cleanload Nexus coupler, which is a simple, fast and effective way to transfer chemical safely from containers fitted with an easyconnect cap into the sprayer.

The easyconnect system has been shown to significantly reduce operator exposure and environmental risks from splashing or spilling chemical during loading as well as making it easier for farmers to rinse packaging and reducing overall sprayer filling time.

Closed transfer system in operation
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