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Closed system in action

closed chemical transfer system

Operators had an opportunity to see a closed transfer chemical system at work at the self-propelled working demonstration earlier this year.

The BASF system, which uses the ezi-connect coupling from Scholle IPN, was coupled up to an IBC of water and connected to a standard John Deere trailed sprayer. In the working demonstration the system transferred and rinsed a 10-litre container in about one minute.

The container was equipped with an ezi-connect cap. This requires the operator to simply pull off a protective tag, before inverting it into place on the special fitting.

Shifting a lever on the system locks the container in place and further movement allows the liquid to flow, with the sprayer pump suction drawing it out and into the tank.

When empty, another shift of the lever puts the system into rinse mode and the container is flushed out with clean water from the same supply.



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