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Widest sprayer lands in UK

Agrifac Condor Endurance II

With its 54m wide boom the new Agrifac Condor Endurance II is thought to be the widest sprayer in the UK. After arriving in April it went straight to work at PDM Produce (UK) Ltd, which is based in Shropshire and one of the UK’s leading specialist lettuce and baby leaf growers and processors.

Collaboratively working with Philip Maddocks Farms, who are the sole produce growers, production started within the area in the 1930s. Within the land base of operations, the family own and farm about 440ha in and around Great Chatwell.

The company has purchased 220ha during the past 15 years, and Philip Maddocks Farms rents a further 600ha on annual agreements. Today, the business employs more than 200 full time members of staff and a further 500 seasonal staff for planting and harvesting production.

The farm’s fourth Agrifac self-propelled, the new 8,000 litre capacity machine is equipped with 25cm nozzle spacing and StrictSprayplus. As well as single nozzle control, this also provides rate control that is unrelated to pressure, which maintains the droplet size regardless of changes in forward speed or pressure using pulse width modulation (PWM).

It opted for the 54m wide boom to enable the sprayer and irrigators to travel in the same tramlines, eliminating crop damage from two different widths.

Keeping the wide boom under control is StrictHeightPlus, which is Agrifac’s new system that uses ‘wide view’ sensors fitted four separate clusters, which are said to scan a wider area than other systems.

Agrifac sprayer

All the electronic control systems are now operated through Agrifac’s EcoTronicPlus II terminal, novel control armrest, joystick and armrest pad, which is surrounded by touch buttons. Above this is a single touch-screen, which is used for both the sprayer and the GPS-controlled equipment.

Where to catch the Endurance II in action

AgrifacUK is offering operators the opportunity to see the new 8,000-litre Endurance II self-propelled sprayer and its latest technology in action across England this month.

The tour will be visiting three locations:

  • Cambridgeshire: Tuesday 17th September: Horseheath Racecourse, Cambridge, CB21 4QP
  • Yorkshire: Wednesday 18th September: Freshlands Farm, North Dalton, Driffield, YO25 9EW
  • Kent: Thursday 19th September:Stelling Minnis, Canterbury Kent CT4 6DN

The working demonstrations start at 10am and run until 2.30pm on each day.

To reserve a place register at:


Agrifac Condor Endurance II

Targeting precision

To read more information about the technology used by Agrifac to support precision spray applications, there is another article HERE.

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