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Self-propelled bowser

For those looking for optimum uptime when spraying, Horsch now offers an 8,000 litre capacity stainless steel tank, which it says can be mounted onto a range of lorry types.

Inspired by a machine that was first built by Michael Horsch to back-up machines on his own farm, the German manufacturer is now producing a demountable sprayer bowser and seed hopper.

As well as the 8,000-litre tank, the bowser comes with an 800-litre clean water tank and the same Continuous Cleaning System used on the Leeb LT trailed sprayer. It’s also equipped with a 3,000 litre/min fast fill pump.

Horsch self-propelled bowser
Horsch induction hopper

Elsewhere the self-propelled bowser can be equipped with a range of other equipment including the induction hopper, also from Leeb sprayers.

Horsch DryMate couplings

A wide range of other equipment and options includes DryMate couplings for use when transferring products from bulk tanks and a separate pump to power a pressure washer for external cleaning.

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