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Leeb lowers its entry level

Horsch Leeb 4AX

Developed for operators looking for its technology, but not needing high capacities of the Leeb GS and LT models, is the 3,800 litre, Horsch Leeb 4 AX, which can be equipped with booms from 18m-30m.

The sprayer is fully ISObus compatible and can be used with the well-known Horsch terminals or other compliant units.

While nozzle spacing choice is restricted to just 50cm, the boom is equipped with the firm’s BoomControl Eco system, which it says will maintain a 50cm distance above the crop at speeds up to 15km/hr.

There is a choice of PTO-driven piston diaphragm pumps, delivering outputs of either 270l/min or 400 l/min and there are separate rotary, multi-way valves for the suction and pressure sides.

For filling operators are provided with a 35 litre capacity hopper, which is similar to that used on the larger trailed sprayers, which is capable of easily handling powders and granules.

The track width is adjustable from 1.5m to 2.25m and drawbar steering is an option.

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