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Higher spec mid-range models from John Deere

John Deere 700i

Two new trailed sprayers, the 3,200-litre, R732i and 4,000-litre, R740i join the John Deere line-up, now bringing technology from the R900i and self-propelleds into the mid-range sector. Both can be fitted with 18m to 30m wide booms.

The higher specification includes PowrSpray twin pumps, ability to fit individual nozzle control as well as a new multi-function control lever and Solution Command operator station.

There is also a new closed transfer system ready option. This makes its easier to connect to and fill using any of the new systems.

John Deere 700i closed transfer system

PowrSpray employs two, hydraulically driven pumps on separate circuits. The self-priming filling pump loads the tank at up to 600 litres/min, while there’s a separate 750-litre/min pump for spraying.

The system doesn’t use a spray pressure regulator. Instead, direct rate control adjusts the speed of the pump in response to changes in forward speed or target application rate. Load-sensing hydraulic drive enables the pump to response quickly to changes.

Solution Command, as used on the larger machines, automates the filling and rinsing with push-button control. This provides fast, auto-fill with a pause button for loading products, as well as AutoDilute multi-cycle rinsing as well as automated agitation.

John Deere 700i screen

The R700i sprayers are ISObus ready, enabling them to be operated through any compliant terminal. They also run through John Deere’s own GreenStar 4240 and 4640 terminals, which offer auto-section control as well as AutoTrac and the new AutoTrac Vision steering.

Application records and data can be transferred wirelessly between machines and office software. The Operations Centre on the MyJohnDeere webpage is able to handle ISOXML files and a new App provides remote access from any internet-enabled device.

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