The Ei OPERATOR website and PRO OPERATOR magazine are owned by MWR Media Ltd. We are a family run business, established in 2002 and have worked on a number of key farming titles as well as providing PR services to agricultural businesses. With over 30 years’ experience in farm machinery journalism, our Director, Mick Roberts, has an exceptional knowledge of the industry. He has worked for Power Farming, Farmers Weekly and Crop Production Magazine and has been instrumental in setting up profi International and Farm Machinery Journal. We currently publish Pro Operator – the only magazine dedicated to UK sprayer operators.

Ei OPERATOR editor and director

Made in 1960 – all original parts

The power behind Ei OPERATOR and PRO OPERATOR is Mick Roberts

Our aim is to help UK sprayer operators make better decisions which will have a positive impact on buying decisions, application choices and compliance. Only by showing operators what best practice looks like, will we have a positive impact out in the field. In this way, everybody wins: The Operator; The Farmer; The Agrochemical Company; The Food Supply Chain; The Consumer; The Environment.

Brand Vision:

To inform and educate every UK sprayer operator by giving them easy access to the only dedicated, online resource, delivering essential information and training from our highly credible and independent team of experts. We will have a positive impact on current practice, thereby supporting sustainable agriculture, improving water quality and protecting the environment.

Corporate Partners:

We are lucky enough to have the backing of organisations who really support our core values.

All our training modules are accredited by City & Guilds under the NRoSO scheme and by BASIS under their Professional Register which ensures we offer high-quality training, meaningful content and up-to-date advice.

Working with industry leaders such as Syngenta UK Ltd and Vicon, ensures our advice can be trusted, it is accurate and industry-compliant. The team at Syngenta have worked closely with us to make sure we both educate and entertain our members and Vicon are supporting us with machinery-lead advice. Knowing that we have the support of such prestigious companies, developing machinery technology, world class science and innovative crop solutions, adds credibility and kudos to the Ei OPERATOR brand.

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Essential information for sprayer operators

As a UK sprayer operator, it’s essential that you know exactly where to find the latest information about the issues that affect your job. Here, you will find the only dedicated, comprehensive, online resource, delivering essential information and training from our highly experienced team of professionals. We offer a variety of high quality, on-line training with Continual Professional Development (CPD) points, so keeping up to date and compliant couldn’t be easier.

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Information and training exclusively for members of the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO)

Supplied free of charge to NRoSO members, you will have access to a single CPD training module, read the latest news from NRoSO and find information to support best practice in the field. Simply log in using your NRoSO membership number. This content is supplied by Ei OPERATOR but comes as part of your NRoSO membership and is supported by City & Guilds.

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Best practice in the field

Many sprayer operators in the UK already receive our magazine, Pro Operator, which supplies up-to-date industry news and includes features offering practical advice, new product information, reader profiles and much more.
Here you will find an archive of material already published for easy
reference and information on how to subscribe should you wish to
receive a copy. Pro Operator is currently published three times a year
for the UK market.

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