Amazone UX, eioperator

Smart systems boost boom control

New boom control technology from Amazone aims to deliver optimum application accuracy by improving stability, maintaining the correct height and eliminating over- and under-lapping with yaw and turn compensation. At the same time, the 27m to 40m wide Super-L2 boom’s new Flex-fold system enables it to fold out 40% faster. It can also be equipped […]

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Agrifac spot spraying, Ei Operator

Agrifac targets precision

    StrictSprayPlus, which provides individual nozzle operation, also delivers rate control unrelated to pressure, while also maintaining the droplet size regardless of changes in forward speed or pressure. It does this using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which turns the flow to the nozzle on/off up to 100 times/sec to maintain the correct rate. This […]

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